The first #eChaiFest was hosted as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week which was hosted by Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad in November 2013.

It was one of those week where we had :

1) entrepreneurs joining us for trip in Dangs Forests at Campfires,


2) staying awake full night to help fellow entrepreneurs at After Hours,


3) Women entrepreneurs sharing their stories of being Women In Tech, 

4) Some pretty unique business models were presented at Round Table on Unconventional Businesses, 

5 ) Group of enterprising people visited different incubators at Ahmedabad Incubators Tour, 

6 ) Women Entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad Global Shapers Hub presented their perspectives about growing global women entrepreneurs, 

7 ) Young entrepreneurs shared their experiences and journey of Road2Success via Failures, 

8 ) Inspiring social entrepreneurs presented their business ideas for Rural India.

#6, #7,#8 were hosted along with CII-Young Indians and #5 was hosted with GBG Ahmedabad.

Thanks to Mainak Bhattacharya, #eChaiFest was also prominently featured in GEW Report which was presented at Global Entrepreneurship Congress at Moscow.

Now, #eChaiFest will become our biannual program where will be hosting some of the most exciting formats of eChai. We will be hosting the 2nd edition of the #eChaiFest from 3rd May - 11th May.  One of the thing that we will experiment this time is having #eChai programs held in multiple cities. Do let us know if you want to host an eChai program in your city or want to collaborate with us to host an entrepreneurial program .

#eChaiFest is greatly supported by Gemius Design Labs as Creative Partner, as Online Media Partner, as Digital Media Partner and DizLabs as Technology Partner.

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities contact Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder, eChai Ventures on +087338 38470 or

eChai Runway : 
Date : 3rd May, Saturday  Time : 5.30 pm to 7 pm
Venue : VentureStudio

At eChai Ventures, we believe that for any good support eco-system for entrepreneurs there five major things are required.Not that it should be just limited to these five things, but it will start with these crucial aspects.

1. Community.

2. Skill-Building

3. Infrastructure Support

4. Global Context

5. Financial Support

To some extent the in the first 5 years of eChai, we've primarily focused on building the community. Some of our programs ( eChai Demo Day, eChai Women In Business, eChai Business For Good, eChai After Hours, eChai On Campus, eChai RoundTable ) have been instrumental in bringing many young entrepreneurs together. i.e. 2000+ entrepreneurs have come on stage at eChai to share their stories and now with our Co. Rise. initiative - we will be reaching out to thousands of hundreds of entrepreneurs all across the globe.

Now the next phase of eChai will have many programs - both online & offline - focused on all of the above mentions aspects. We have already started eChai Insights ( Theme-based Knowledge Sharing session ) and eChai Skill-based Challenges ( eChai App Challenge, eChai Marketing Challenge, eChai Technology for Good Challenge, eChai Business Case Challenge etc. ).

Keeping all these things in the context, we will be starting the new program - eChai Runway.